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India is a large country whose climate is dominated by the Asian monsoon. India covers a whole variety of topography like the high mountains and vast plains. This is the reason behind a wide range of climatic conditions that exists in the country. Climate in India cannot be generalized. India climate falls under six major climatic subtypes, ranging from arid desert in the west, alpine tundra and glaciers in the north, and humid tropical regions supporting rainforests in the southwest and the island territories. Climate of India has four seasons: winter starting from Jan and Feb, summer lasting from March to May, monsoon or rainy season lasting form June till Sep, and lastly a post-monsoon period form Oct-Dec.

Climate in India is strongly influenced by its unique geography and geology, which in particular holds true of the Himalayas in the north and the Thar Desert in the northwest. The Himalayas act as a barrier to the frigid katabatic winds flowing down from Central Asia resulting in warm or only mildly cooled during winters in North India; during the summers, the same process makes India relatively hot. The Tropic of Cancer which is the boundary between the tropics and subtropics passes through the middle of India, and thus the whole country is considered to be tropical.The country is prevailed by the southwest monsoon from June to October, the winds bringing rain and cloud as they blow from the southwest during that time. The winds reverse their direction from Dec-Jan, bringing cool and dry weather to most parts of the country. This is a time of clear skies and little rain. The weather becomes hotter from March to May as rains only return when the winds change to southwest again.

South India experiences southwest monsoon, with the rains reaching here during late May or early June, and its only six weeks later that it reaches north India. India climate experiences rains which are torrential in some years, while in others it may be light and variable. As is the case with many tropical areas, monsoonal and other weather conditions in India are unstable.

With a large and vast country as India it is hard to generalize the climate in India, which runs from the Himalayas to the beaches of the Indian Ocean. The months of October to March are regarded as the most pleasant months in India to visit, when it's relatively dry and cool. The regions in the far south the best months to visit are between January and September. The north-eastern areas of India tend to be more comfortable between March and August. The country's deserts of Rajasthan and the north-western Indian Himalayan region are at their best during the monsoon from July to September. The mountainous regions in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir should be visited during the summer months from May to September.

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